Rust is a fantastic language to work with. I particularly love cargo watch -x 'build --target thumbv7em-none-eabihf' that automatically rebuilds the firmware for me whenever I save a change in my favorite editor (neovim 🥰).

However a rather annoying thing is that I have to exit and relaunch GDB to reload the elf of that firmware. That was until I got fed up with this and looked for a solution that for sure existed.

I now have this snippet in addition to the usual rust gdb script :

# defines the reload command
define reload
    # reload symbols
    python gdb.execute("file " + gdb.current_progspace().filename)
    # clear cache

    # flash
    # start
    monitor reset halt

# defines a short hand to the reset command
define reset
    monitor reset halt


I can now simply enter reload in gdb to reload the elf file in gdb as well as reflashing the target memory with this freshly loaded firmware.